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  1. Hi

    I would like to change the colors of a face to harmonize it with two others on the same picture, it is too pale compared to the others.

    I know that there is the tool density plus and density less but they play on the tone, I would like to play also on the color (add little more red).

    Would there be a way, after having enclosed this face so as not to overflow, to use by instance curves tool to play on the color ?


  2. And now an issue with the outline…

    On the picture you can see there is a blue text with a white border.

    I have 2 colors in the front and in the back : little circles in color

    One Blue and one white

    If I change,  putting the blue in front and the white behind and inversely it does not change anything.

    How could I reverse it : a white text and a blue border ?


  3. Thanks Alfred…Bonne année ! 😉


    Another little issue : how can one use the dropper (picker tool) when it has been used on one layer to on another one ? (Very bad English I presume…)

    Is it possible to memorise it ?

    I mean to get the same color saved on the first layer with the dropper (picker tool) on the second layer.

    (when I change of layer the color change)

  4. Hi and happy new years ! 😉


    I should like to destroy some part of a drawing so that one should see across it what is under.

    This drawing is on a layer, the other on other one

    How can I draw some holes with a brush to do that ?

    I tried with the white square crossed with a blue diagonal in the area of colour but it does not work…

    Thank you.



    Hi 😉

    About the light filter on Affinity Photo for Ipad I have 3 questions :

    -Can one add more than 2 effects ? I mean 3 spot light effects for instance.

    -The gesture taping with with 2 fingers to go back does not seem to work with the filter, is it true ?

    -Is there a way to hide the spot lines and keep the light effect ?


  6. 943AF540-99AC-4ECE-BA3D-7250CA44BF91.thumb.png.99e5bf717c3cf64aefb9c3666e0357db.png

    Hi 😉

    I have a strange issue on Affinity for Ipad.

    As you can see on the screenshot I have an all white page while my layers are all selected !

    I can’t do anything, my images no longer appear…

    What did I do just before ?

    I imported a picture but I could not open it and the page went all white…

    Can someone help me ?



  7. Thanks Alewan 😉

    but in the meantime I found the solution !

    For thoose who are interested, you have to create a mask if not, indeed its does not work…

    So with the Ipad version :

    -create a layer and create a black rectangle 

    -go to the first menu (horny sheet) > Canvas> Transparent canvas so you can get a transparent background.

    -create a mask

    -With the gradient tool create a radial line tool or another one.

    -save in PNG format.

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