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  1. I found the problem now On my 9,7 iPad Pro i had turned on 3-finger-tip to start „Zoom“ on the display. When I turned it off it works on Affinity Designer fine with three fingers to redo. Thanks to everybody trying to help.
  2. Hi Lee, thanks for your response. I turned on Show Touches and on my small iPad Pro are shown two fingertips when I undo. When I tip with three fingers not any blue point is there. Four fingers work...4 blue points. Crazy... On the 12“ iPad everything is fine, two, three or even four blue points. The only difference is iOS. On the smaller iPad is iOS 12.0.1, the larger one still works with iOS 12.0. Tomorrow we are going to update the large iPad and try again. I will let you know then if there is a difference on the larger iPad then.
  3. Hi, the gesture „undo“ tap with two fingers works fine on my iPad Pro 9,7“ but the gesture „do again“ tap with three fingers doesn‘t work. On my husband´s iPad Pro 12“ everything is fine. My small iPad has iOS 12.0.1 I tried to remove and reinstall Affinity Designer again but same problem on the smaller iPad Pro again. Thanks for any idea what´s wrong

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