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  1. Well Walt I try to explain the works i often hava to do: I have a title, same information, a text and an author. The various part are divided with a "new frame" tag. I import all and the book (almost one hundred pages) is almos complete. You can see the attachemente and also the complete book at http://www.capellini.ch/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/polpette.pdf
  2. I tryed to use the method of Walt in case of many text frames on the same page but the result...see the attachement For now it is impossible to work without a master with frames
  3. Thank you, this is good for a book with all pages with tha same layout, but: 1. if I have to to modify layout I need to modify EACH page 2. When there are more than 1 text frame the method don't work well (create other pages) 3. In Xprees I can create many text frames and the text flow from one to another and I can control jumping in the right frame (see the sample) Thanks
  4. Yes, text frames. It is very useful for a book with รจ long text. Thanks
  5. Hello Sameone know how i can create automatic text windows on master for having all pages with a text window automattically chained each other? In Quark I put a window on master and I fond the same window on all pages. Thanks
  6. If I neeed to apply at two or tree hundred of lines i can't make a paragraph for any line.
  7. Yes, I have detached, but I neeed to apply at ANY LINE of the paragraph.If I have two or tree hundred of lines i can't make a paragraph for any line. You can see here attached whot I need. Thanks
  8. Hello, thank for your help, but it found that it works on a line bat if I have many lines the style is at the top and the bottom of paragraph. Whose is wrong? Thanks
  9. I found difficult to create a page as the sample. In QuarkXpress is more easy to define a line above and below a text. In Affinity i can't define the lie above, so I have to put another level with blank lines. Thanks untitled.pdf untitled.afpub
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