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  1. ChrisDel

    Transfer from Windows to MAC errors

    Aghhh! Yes. Obvious. Just assumed basic Calibri would be there. Many thanks. Great Program. Thought I would move to Mac since I have a bigger screen.
  2. Transferring an Affinity file from Windows 10 to Mac produces layout errors on Mac. Line spacing in some text boxes different, titles where spacing has been adjusted overlap line below, textbox within a text box (Frame) displaced. Text frames extended downwards over other text. All OK on Windows 10 (latest Affinity update today) and Mac Affinity updated today also before file transfer (on USB Stick) attempted. Windows dispalys correctly again from USB. TT-News March 2019.afpub
  3. I need to be able to open Serif Page Plus files. This does not appear to be possible. It is important that you provide backward compatibility to old projects. Can this be done ?