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  1. Just found this topic after lots of googling, and reading numerous other feature request threads. Created this account to suggest that Serif hire a community manager, if they don't already have one. With the amount of time that @Ben spent being a huge pedant and invalidating everyone's examples, I'm sure the feature could have been done. Being a developer myself, I know it's not as easy as "could we just add this?", but this was beyond the pale, especially with respect to customer service. Even if those are your thoughts, go duke it out with your product manager, not a bunch of people who paid for (and then politely requested) an extremely commonplace and useful feature. However, I'm guessing, based on how terse your replies became once you were overruled that it probably won't be an ongoing issue. Looking forward to 1.7 (and being able to make my own alphanumeric symbols without pulling my hair out).
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