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  1. I think that after all this discussion, I'm just going to remember to paste without format. What bothers me more is that I cannot apply a background color to a text frame. This isn't a deal-breaker, and I still enjoy using Designer, but I wish Affinity would include this feature. Thanks.
  2. Yes. I'm pasting from Airmail. If I paste from a text-based program such as BBEdit, there's no formatting. There's a screenshot above that I think shows what you're asking for.
  3. 1. I get whatever is the default font when I open the document, typically arial. 2. Default text against a white background. 3. A regular frame with the default text against a transparent background.
  4. I just reproduced it on a recently opened instance of AD 2.0.4 on a different computer. I pasted the text from a simple HTML email into a frame created by the Artistic Text Tool. Same thing. It's not a huge deal, but it's been a nuisance for quite some time, and one that until today I couldn't find a way to resolve. The Factory Reset option is hardly intuitive. In fact, it's rather trepidatious. It makes me wonder if I'm going to lose all my palette settings and other preferences.
  5. I pasted it from an email. Would it be easier? Well, no, it wouldn't. Simply using command-V is easier than option-shift-command-shift-V.
  6. Thank you for your response and accept my apologies for the lack of specifics. I am using Affinity Designer 2.0. I pasted the text from a rich email into an artistic text frame. This screen shot should illustrate at least part of my dilemma. The text below is NOT converted to paths. If I convert it to paths and then ungroup it, I will get a white box with all the outlined text. I have had instances where I wish I could have a text frame with a solid background, but I cannot find a way to do that in Designer. Yes, I do know how NOT to do this. I can create a new empty text frame and then type in or paste in copy without formatting, and I will have a transparent background, but it seems to me that if I have a solid background in my text frame, I should be able to edit that background. It'd be a nice feature to have, anyway. Does such a feature exist?
  7. Is there a way to edit/create a background color within the text container? Also, I have an issue when I import text from another program, specifically text from a browser, and the text container box isn't transparent, but usually white. How do I remove that and how can I add it when I want it? Is that possible? Example below.
  8. Ok. That was another rectangle I replaced before I got it to print ok. I thought there was something odd about it because when I zoomed out, it showed up heavier than the other lines in the drawing, but it wasn't showing as dashed. Hopefully, this won't affect other v1 files, but if it does, I'll have some idea of how to fix it. Thanks.
  9. It is drawn at a 1:1 scale, which is what I typically do with these plans. It's just easier for me than trying to draw to a smaller scale. Normally, it works just fine. When I re-drew the box on the right hand side, it printed fine. You'll notice that when you select that box which appears to have a 1pt stroke, that rule does not show up in the stroke palette.
  10. I can't print or export this document. It seems that there's something corrupting it. When trying, it freezes and then starts to swallow up more system memory. See attachments. Update, I finally got it to print, but I had to redraw a number of elements. FYI, this was a Designer v1 document converted to v2. I've yet to see this problem with other v1 files. Shutters-coffeecup.afdesign
  11. Just deleted said files. I'll check back if it doesn't solve the problem.
  12. Just happened again. Here's the log: EDIT: Just made a PDF of your log to save on scrolling. Crash-log-cance440.pdf
  13. I will upload as soon as it happens again. In the past week, it's been behaving though. Fingers crossed.
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