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  1. Yep. And I bet anyone with experience would know what that is for, but I skipped over it in the View menu. Thanks:)
  2. Affinity Publisher Beta 1.7.0 on MacOS Mohave 10.14 Had been editing existing frame text and afterwards eventually found that the blue selection border was displaying regardless of what I did. Selecting other things or selecting/unselecting the frame text object does not help. Selecting a different layer does not help. Toggling UI does not help. Quitting the app and re-opening the Publisher file does not help. The only way I can get rid of the selection border is to turn the layer off, but it returns when I turn the layer back on. The border does not print; it's just distracting. I have not had this problem with any other file or frame text.
  3. stuckfly

    Apple Color Emoji

    Emoji should be supported in a professional publishing app, because it's a common subject of publishing projects. Look, I don't use them in my communication, but today I tried the beta version to do a real-world project about the impact of emoji. I had to use cropped screen-shots of them to put them in my project. I do not know what awful coding is required to support these emoji things, but please give it a better attempt. They are here to stay. They will not go away. So find a way. OK?