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  1. This is crazy - followed https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/128091/where-can-i-find-default-microsoft-fonts-calibri-cambria opened the zip and highlighted all open with font book. Now works fine in Publisher. What a palaver
  2. I have affinity publisher on my laptop and works fine with the calibri font which was has always been one of my preinstalled fonts. Just noticed when using Affinity Publisher on my IMAC (which also has calibri as a preinstalled font and always has) that the Publisher file I have created on my laptop is not formatted correctly on the IMAC and that is because the calibri font is not recognised and using a substitute. This is extremely frustrating - how can it be that the Calibri font I use in Word and goodness what else on my IMAC is not recognising Calibri within Publisher or Designer?
  3. Sorry if this is a stupid question as new to Affinity Photo and the forum but why on my MacBook Pro once I have opened the Photo app, when I close it I cannot reopen the app until I use ctrl and touching the icon to close it down. Only app on my Task Bar that works like that. Peter
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