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  1. Rizki Akbari Utama

    Problem with expanding stroke

    Actually I scaled up an artboart with it's content and then I expand the stroke, and then scaled it down. And usually it works well, but not this time.
  2. Rizki Akbari Utama

    Problem with expanding stroke

    Before I expand the stroke After I expand the stroke Why does it happen? and how to fix it?
  3. Rizki Akbari Utama

    How to modify corner.

    Hi Alfred, it works thank you so much
  4. I combined 2 shapes and try to modify it's corner, but corner tool doesn't work. Can anyone give me a solution? These are screenshots of my work. Before I combine After I combine
  5. Hi I want to upload an icons on thenounproject. One of the requirements is to make sure if we use compound paths. How to do it in Affinity Designer? Because it's easy to do in Illustrator. Thank you.
  6. Rizki Akbari Utama

    Gradient in Affinity Designer

    This is what happen after I use boolean operation > add.
  7. I tried to create gradient effect in my icon. But I found a problem. I use layer effect and the gradient looks great, but it's rasterized after I exported to SVG. So I tried another way to create the gradient. I created gradient in fill and stroke of each shape (notch is made of fill and the body is made of stroke). It's exported as a vector, but the gradient looks weird. Can anyone give me a solution for this problem ?
  8. Rizki Akbari Utama

    Error While Using Boolean Operation

    Can anyone explain me why is this happening? I have checked using boolean operation in the new document and it's fine, but this happened in my icon set file *sorry for the bad pic, I can't take a screenshot because my laptop doesn't work because of this problem