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  1. Update installed fine. I haven't played much to date - but opened the first beta document I tried - this opened fine and seems to have everything I created the first time. The document has base line grid a multi column text box filled with "Filler Text". I was going to try out some paragraph styles on this and found that I can't place the cursor within this text - only at the start or the end. This isn't really a bug as it seems that this filler text can keep filling a text box as I expand or contract it, so it seems a deliberate feature. However when I am developing a design document I liek to play with some text and set up some paragraph styles for body copy, headings, etc to test out - I might do this with real text - but also with dummy text. With the automatic "Filler Text" option I can't select any text within this to create or apply styles. My other option would be to grab some text from Lipsum.com (or some other personal standby text) to actually start playing with and developing styles. Not sure what other people do - but I think I prefer filler text to be editable. I'm not sure having the filler text automatically refilling a text box is as useful to me as being able to develop styles. Usually I have found that if I have made a text box bigger, or linking through to other text boxes, I just add more "Fill text" to fill up the empty space that is left. Hope that description makes sense! Attaching a screen shot to try to help...
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