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  1. Hello everybody, I was just about to create a halftone screen from vectors in Designer. But now I have a problem. My approach: 1. I first created a 1pt dotted line. 2. I converted these to get individual surfaces. 3. Then I duplicated it (Ctrl + J) and moved it. 4. Then I created more duplicates with Ctrl + J. 5. Now I have started to give each duplicate a contour, which I have always strengthened by 0.1 pt. But from a contour thickness of 2pt a distance forms between the surface and the contour, which increases further and further when I increase the contour thickness (see attached picture
  2. Here is another result with the wrong implementation of the corners. This time I combined several objects. If I move the line outwards, it works. But when I move the line inwards, not all corners are implemented correctly. Desktop_2020_09.16_-_20_34_45_05.mp4
  3. OK thanks. I just noticed and wanted to point out that this has not happened yet.
  4. Ok, I guess I got this mixed up. I would have been really happy if my problem mentioned had already been fixed.
  5. I just noticed that there is a problem if you select a different Countour Type, especially when you use the tool again, and suddenly other corner types appear at some corners. Sometimes, as shown in the video, there were no correct corners and before I had recorded the video, two corners remained round and the other angular. The function that you create a clone by pressing the Alt key did not work for me with this tool. Contour_Type_Problem.mp4
  6. Just tested the new contour tool. I like it very much. But on the one hand I noticed that the translation into German is missing in the context bar and below, where the key commands for the tool are located.
  7. Hello, It's good that the Divide function has been revised. Unfortunately, it doesn't work as it should. Therefore I added three videos. Once when executing in the designer, which did not achieve the desired result. And the second video by doing the same function in Illustrator and getting the result I wanted. In Designer I lose my contour object, which is also completely split up. So I have to laboriously combine all the surfaces again so that I get my contour line again or I have to make a copy beforehand and remove all purple and blue surfaces that I don't need after performing D
  8. Hello everybody, so so far I have not yet seen that this function is available in AD. I would also like this function very much because it is very helpful. I find it interesting that this function in Draw Plus, which Serif unfortunately only developed for Windows users before the new development of the Affinity programs, existed. The same goes for the Shape Builder tool. However, these functions weren't really mature and didn't work quite as well as in AI. I really hope these two tools can be found in AD soon and work just as well as they do in AI. I am sure that we are probably alread
  9. Hello, just discovered another problem with this feature. I once sketched a contour here with a pencil. After that, I converted the contours to get surfaces, which worked fine. I then merged these into one object, which also worked. But now comes the problem. I put another area behind my contour graphic in order to get new areas with the Divide function. That only partially worked, the upper object, which should be the contour, has now been completely disassembled, which should not be. If I do the same work in Illustrator, the upper surfaces are used as a kind of template and are retained
  10. Thank you for your response. Yes, I had no doubt that your development team can solve this problem. I can also understand that it is not easy to find a quick solution. The developers are really busy and if you look at the reports in the forum, there are still several problems in all programs that they have to solve. In addition, there are also many suggestions for improvement, requirements and requests for other functions. I am also one of the users who supports you by uncovering problems and making suggestions for improvements and extensions. I have been a big fan of your products for ma
  11. Hello Affinity Team, would it be possible to add some additional help with the unsharp masking function? If I drag the slider for radius and factor and also hold down the Alt key, I would like to switch on a black and white or grayscale display in order to get a better assessment of the settings. And if I move the slider for the threshold value, which is supposed to be a kind of masking function, I would like a black and white display when the Alt key is also pressed, so that I can better assess which areas are still being sharpened or not. I would also like to have the same functi
  12. Hello Affinity Team, it would be possible to add the HSL settings in the Develop Persona area, as this is one of the most important functions of color matching in RAW development for me and many other users. Any photographer would confirm this, as RAW files have more image information and can therefore carry out color adjustments much more precisely.
  13. Hello everybody, it would be possible to add the histograms to the gradation curves in the Develop Persona area, as they are also displayed in the Photo Persona. It is not easy to carry out the correction correctly without these graphical representations, since you have to guess where the area is because you want to correct it.
  14. Hello Affinity Team, Would it be possible to add a tool with which I can quickly select all objects with certain properties at the same time? This would be very helpful if at some point you want to select and change objects with the specific properties at the same time. The tool should work in such a way that I select an object with the tool and thereby all other objects with the preset properties are automatically selected at the same time. I would like to have these properties for selection in the context toolbar so that I can narrow down the selection: 1.Filling (color) 2. Fill type (co
  15. Thank you for your prompt reply. But how should I understand this now. Does it mean that they are still working to find a solution to this problem? Or are you telling me that this problem cannot be fixed?
  16. Hello, I raised this problem a long time ago and don't know whether it has already been worked on. After my new attempt to work with the Divide function, I continue to get very imprecise divisions that are now even worse. At one point even the shape is not properly divided and a piece of the shape is even missing. It would be really great if this problem could be fixed, because I use this feature a lot because I don't have the shape creation tool in Illustrator to create new shapes by combining and removing overlapping objects. I'll attach my file when the problem occurs. The upper group (
  17. Hello Affinity Team, I miss the possibility to convert existing colors (color fields) retrospectively into a special color or from a special color to a non-special color without having to create them again. At the moment I can only decide when creating a new color whether it is a special color and whether it should be overprinted. I think that's bad. I would like to be able to change the properties of the existing colors at any time.
  18. Hello Affinity Team, it would be possible to add a function with which the contours, surfaces and other objects can be assigned the overprint property manually. Is a very important function for the printing area. The fact that I can only select overprinting when creating a new color is not a good solution, because I cannot create a color this way, it should be left out on one object and overprinted on another. The best example is, for example, colored texts. Small and thin fonts should overprint, while larger and thick fonts with the same color should be left out. The same would also apply
  19. Hello Affinity team, Maybe you could add a tool with which I can reduce or enlarge a complex shape so that the path changes the same distance everywhere. In Illustrator this function is called "Move Path". As an example I will attach a file with which I want to show what this function should do. They are not contours as it might look, but two objects lying on top of each other, the red being the basic shape and the yellow shapes being the result after enlarging or reducing the basic shape. Move Path.afdesign
  20. Hello, Today I noticed that since the last update of the Affinity programs there are transforming images that can be obtained from the stock library. Moving and rotating works without delay. But if I want to reduce or enlarge the image, it only works very slowly and for a short moment I keep getting the message that the software does not react, but then works again. Before the update to 1.8.4 I had no problems with it.
  21. Hello, When I create graphics for the web, where everything has to be created exactly, I use the grid that I have set with pixel spacing. Then you only have to activate the function that the objects can be aligned with the grid. Then the problem should be solved.
  22. Hello, I noticed this problem a few months ago and raised this in the forum. This problem occurs especially when you combine several objects. Since then I've been waiting for this problem to be fixed.
  23. yes, I would also like to have the footnote / endnote functions in Affinity Publisher. Therefore I also join the choir.
  24. Hello Affinity Team, I miss and need the Pathfinder tool (Shape Builder Tool) in Affinity Designer to be able to combine or subtract multiple shapes more quickly. The current tools that are available to me are helpful, but I reach the limits of these tools quite often because you cannot combine multiple shapes with them as you would like. And when I use the Split function to then reassemble the surfaces to get my desired shape, there are still some problems (especially with curvy shapes). It is often the case here that the shapes do not lie 100 percent edge-to-edge when dividing them up,
  25. Hello Affinity team, How can I draw a rectangle and ellipse from the center with the selection frame. So far I have not succeeded and have not found a shortcut to do this. In addition, while defining a selection by holding down the spacebar, I would like to be able to move the selection so that it can be aligned correctly if the selection is not positioned correctly.
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