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  1. Follow up: I contacted Microsoft, and they asked for more info. So gg to them for answering, let's hope they will check it: I'll also give them a link to this thread I also did some more testing on my side and have an hypothesis that may help other users. As expected it's something related to OneDrive File On-Demand option. Alas, deactivating the option didn't corrected the bug: Affinity images were still lacking thumbnail (screenshot of the bug: https://postimg.cc/WDprgYfP). BUT as soon as I copied the image in a new OneDrive folder ('new' as in 'created AFTER I deactivated files on-demand'), the thumbnail worked as expected (screenshot without the bug: https://postimg.cc/0MD8QPd5) So, for the moment at least, all one would need to do to get his thumbnails back into OneDrive is: Go to OneDrive's Setting and deactivate File On-Demand. (it will copy all the content of your OneDrive folder on your disk, though) THEN, recreate the folder structure you need for your pictures, from scratch inside OneDrive. Copying won't work. Then copy your pictures in those new folders. I insist: updating the settings in OneDrive was not enough, one also needs to create new folders.
  2. Oh, that's great. I didn't knew that. Once again: thx to Mark for taking the time to answer. As I said: I love using Affinity, I really hope he will be able to find a workaround
  3. I would deactivate it without hesitation, and I did try turning it off: but it didn't bring back the thumbnails. Alas. I was thinking about reporting a bug directly to Affinity devs: I have no hope the humongous Redmond firm will bother about Affinity own file format: one just need to see how poor is their support for many widely used raw formats
  4. As I can't stop using OneDrive, losing the thumbnails would be problematic. To put it mildly. Is there a place where I can file a bug report? I wouldn't want to stop using Affinity for something as silly, it's an amazing app, but images without thumbnails?
  5. So should one expect the same problem as soon as OneDrive is updated to do selective on the Mac too? I hope you'll find some workaround, even if it's most probably a OneDrive problem: I can't be the only one that use thumbnails (and OneDrive) to browse files... and I doubt Microsoft will bother
  6. Nope, it doesn't do selective on a Mac (not yet, as it's planned). That's why I considered it the main suspect
  7. Well, 'common' as in 'more widely used' as JPEG, PNG but also including PSD ;) What really bugs me is that thumbnails are being ok (a bit on the small size, though) under the Finder on a Mac, even using OneDrive. But not under Windows. I know Microsoft is not catering as much to photographers as Apple can, but does that mean there is little to no chance to see Affinity's thumbnails coming back on Windows, as long as one is using OneDrive? Thx again for your suggestions.
  8. Hi, Alas, as I said I already asked OneDrive to download all files but it doesn't change a thing: the generic icon keeps on nagging me Plus, I don't understand why it seems Affinity files are the only one affected (be it with or without selective sync activated): OneDrive and Windows File Explorer do work fine with the others, more common, image types.
  9. A quick update to this topic. I have the same problem, running a fully updated Windows 10 Pro, and storing my files on OneDrive: no thumbnail for affinity files (be it Photo or Designer), just the generic icon. I have no problem with any other picture file formats (including PSD) stored in the same folders. The same Affinity files will show their thumbnails as soon as I copy them in a non-OneDrive folder. Could it be linked to the smart sync (or whatver it is called by Microsoft) that OneDrive is using? I mean, even if all my files are fully copied in my local OneDrive folder it's the only thing that I can think of. I tried deactivating it to no effect, though. (Edit: the same files in a OneDrive folder will work as expected when browsing them on a Mac...) It's a real pain in the-you-know-where not being able to browse my files without having to open each one of them
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