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  1. I've been using Inkscape for a while and the way that guides work there is super easy and I'm struggling with setting up the correct guides in Affinity (or maybe the full functionality is just not obvious for new users?). I don't seem to be able to drag the guides to correct small errors due to manual calculations. It looks as if I'm only able to setup guides based on an exact measure or a percentage. It's suggested that the user is able to create and move guides simply by placing their mouse cursor on the rulers (both horizontal and vertical) and dragging it to where they want to place it. It is not necessary to open up any menu or go into a function with everything possible on the displayed desktop. Deleting the guides is as simple as dragging it off the page. What would be even better than Inkscape is the ability to lock the guide positions. For example click on a small lock on the ruler next to the guide. Attached a sample of the Inkscape functionality.
  2. I'm totally new to Affinity and super excited to see what I downloaded! It really looks awesome. I tried to search for existing issues and can't find any, hope I'm not duplicating or missing something obvious. Please be kind while I learn... Bug description and expected results: When I attempt to open an SVG file created in Inkscape (without converting text to curves / paths) the images are all imported correctly, however all the text is missing. I attempted to look at the help file and it shows a table of formats that can be imported and svg is displayed so I'm expecting that the import should: - Either be successful with all my images and text boxes correctly imported and displayed. - Or an appropriate error message is displayed telling me there was issues with the import (if any) and hopefully how to fix it. - Help available to explain if there are any constraints / prerequisites / workflow that I must follow for a successful import. Actual results: - Only images are imported. No text. - No error message is displayed. - Help gives no guidelines how to resolve the issue. Attached are 3 files as supporting documents - 1. Expected result with a png version of the flyer as it should look like. 2. Actual result with a screendump of what I'm seeing. 3. The svg file I'm trying to upload. I'm using a 64 bit Windows 10 machine. herbalife-v1.svg
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