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  1. But if I'm happy with the edit and don't plan to touch the photo again? But DO plan to print it, and potentially blow it up for printing?
  2. I'm pretty new to Affinity, photo editing, and photography. What does it mean to flatten a picture? Does it mean you're reducing the quality? Does it affect the picture if you were to print it, or blow it up? What is the highest quality format to save your pictures as after editing - JPEG, PNG, other?
  3. So then I clicked "Edit in Affinity Photo," and it opened the pic in AP with a different file name. It called it "Apple Photos Document." Really??? Also, you mentioned that, when you edit in AP, it never overwrites the original photo. So where does it save it??? I seriously want my PC back. This is unbelievable complicated. Technology is supposed to make life easier, and this seemingly simple task is unachievable, apparently.
  4. I'm running MacOS Sierra Version 10.12.6 on a Macbook Air. In trying to troubleshoot this problem, I just updated AP to Version 1.8.2. I haven't tried using it yet, because I've now run into the problem of the Adjustment Layer Toolbar no longer being on the right. Traded one problem for another.
  5. It's unbelievable that this is happening. I'm having the same problem as everyone above, and following what RCR recommended works, but I shouldn't have to do that with every single photo I edit. Where is the fix for this?? Not impressed at all!!!
  6. I don't understand this. I just trialed Affinity for free, then when I was happy with it, I purchased. In the trial version, I could export. Now I can't? What's going on??
  7. When saving edited photos to your desktop, do they save as JPGs? I'm currently trialing Affinity Photo, and when I saved a photo, it saved it as a .afphoto file instead of as a JPG. I want to ensure that, when I buy this product, it'll save my photos in the form they came in - i.e. JPGs, AND that I can open it in my normal photo viewer. Thanks.
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