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  1. Hey Guys, I was wondering if there is a way to generate random file names when Batch Processing images. Greetings
  2. You are right. I was't on the newest version. It is doing a pretty good job.
  3. I am not using in camera Noise reduction because I am doing continuous shooting to create a star trail image.
  4. Hello, I recently took images of the night sky and my camera has quite a lot of Hot Pixels when doing a long exposure. I recorded Dark Frames with the exact same settings and I want to know: How do I process them? Is there a way to efficiently remove hotpixels? Does anyone have advice in general? Felix
  5. Hello, is there any information when we can expext the support for the RAW files of the Panasonic DC G9? The camera has been added to the library a while ago if I am not mistaken. Is there a way to convert the RAW files into another RAW format that is supported at the moment without quality loss? I want to thank all of you for your amazing work. Have a nice day Felix
  6. Hello Sean, thank you for helping me out. I uploaded the RW2 file and the JPG file I recorded simultaneously. I don't really need the RAW files in these high resoltution shots right now. I hope you can fix the problem in the future. Hava a great day
  7. Hello there, I have a problem with opening the RW2 files from my new Panasonic G9 in high resolution mode (1040 x 7794 px). I attached a screenshot to show how it looks in Affinity.. I couldn't figure out how I could share the RAW file with you. The upload didnt work. I haven't messed around with the settings on the camera a lot and the normal resolution files open up just fine. I think that it is an error in the programm itself, because I can open the file just fine in an online RAW viewer for example. The file therefore is nor corrupted. I am sorry for my english. I hope you can help me. Sincerly Felix K.
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