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  1. HansFM

    Page Numbers getting lost

    Thanks! It is functional. A better solution than mine. Kind regards Hans
  2. HansFM

    Page Numbers getting lost

    An Add-on to the post from above: i have sent the whole affinity publisher file on to the website of dropbox given by serif.
  3. HansFM

    Page Numbers getting lost

    Hi Old Bruce here is a print screen of the page 61 with the layer studio. Further testing by myself has the result, that the page number is blocked when a picture goes into a wrapped text in the other column of that page, this even if the master page level is on the top. Actually my work-around is to define a smaller textblock so that the text has not to be wrapped around the picture. Doing this the page number ist always visible. Kind regards Hans
  4. Page numbers defined in the master layout are partially getting lost in books with mor than 50 pages. Buch_S_60-63_Forum.pdf
  5. HansFM

    Hyphenation disabled

    Thanks, hyphenation is now fully functional. On 150 pages of a new book i have not found any bug now. Kind regards Hans
  6. HansFM


    Within the app publisher, there are not available all font variants that are installed on the Mac OS system of the computer. I.e. "Geneva italic" and "Geneva Bold" are missing. There is only "Geneva Regular" available.
  7. The update function of textstyles is not reliable: partially it is good, from time to time it does not take over the style marked in the text.
  8. You are not an outsider: A footnote converter as you describe is an essential feature for scientific texts and for non-fiction books.
  9. When a embedded picture is missing in the finder, the app affinity is blocked while using resource manager. I wanted to replace such a missing picture by another picture. In this situation the whole app is blocked, it is not possible to quit the app, the computer must be restartet.There should be available a warning and a way out of such a situation.
  10. Within Text Editing, the soft hyphenation is disabled when using justified (or flush) setting of text. With unjustified setting it is functional. The automatic hyphenation is not yet functional.