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  1. My affinity designer won't open. I can use affinity photo and publisher but designer just won't open. I don't know where to look for error logs or where to send them to since there's no techsupport email or contact at the "tech support" link on the website.
  2. Hello. When I'm painting a mask layer, no matter how I change the characteristics of the brushes, they are always the same. Hardness won't change, or flow. If I change the brush tip, it does change but hard edged.
  3. biguprush

    Brushes won't change

    update. This happens when you paint a mask layer. Regular use of the brush seems fine.
  4. Hello Whenever I put lists on 1st and 2nd level (maybe 3rd but haven't tried) and set it to justified-left it works fine until you have several paragraphs on a single bullet. last line of every paragraph extends like e x t e n d s l i k e t h i s