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  1. Yes, I can't help thinking that having the column settings in guide manager is a bit arse about face. I had to go look it up in this forum to even know where to find it. I have been using Indesign for 18 months at work after formal training on it, and even if you weren't planning on having a "layout" tab, surely it makes more sense to put the column settings in the Document Setup area, or near to it? Anyone who has used DTP extensively, professionally or not- the first thing you do is set up your master pages, including your guides. Therefore it makes sense for this setting to be quick and easy to find. Actually setting up the columns themselves in AP is also a bit round the houses- I had to add the setting to the relevant vertical/horizontal box and then click it before it even showed up on the page....? C'mon Serif!
  2. Hi Team I am using Publisher Beta on High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G65) and finding that master pages do not appear by default in a new document, neither can they be applied to pages successfully. Also, I am finding bleed doesn't show on documents, even after I have set it, and I have to set bleed for all four sides of the paper separately rather than having the ability to set one value to apply to all sides. My beta keeps telling me there is a new version available, which I have now downloaded twice- but it's still telling me there is a new version available- IS THERE? Thanks