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  1. Two Questions: 1. How do I reformat the workspace to default. I separated the windows and now they won't merge when I select Merge window. Anyone know how to merge them back or default Designer back to the default work spaces? 2. When I moved the Layers panel out of the right side panels display, it went full screen and the resize corners were blown out of my monitor display, making it impossible to resize this panel or move it. Anyone know how I can view the edges of the panel so I can resize it? Thanks
  2. Any ideas why I can't use brushes in a pixel layer while using this? Any help is appreciated, I am not a graphic designer and teaching myself as I go.
  3. Another question for you .... I have text on a curve that I want scaled but when I move the text it wraps around the curve instead of scaling proportionally. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  4. Cool. Thanks so much for the help. That is exactly what I wanted to have happened!!! Much Appreciated!
  5. Hello, I am working on my logo and put all the elements together as a symbol. But the curve is not scaling proportionally when I adjust the logo. Holding down shift when I move the symbol doesn't seem to work. I watched the tutorial on VIMEO on symbols and I can't tell when the curves got the dotted orange line so that they scale proportionally. How do I make my curves in a symbol have the "unlinked attributes: text frame" Thanks!! Logo 2 - Black Background Symbol.afdesign