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  1. Just updated to the new 1.8 Affinity products and saw the new unified toolbar. I hadn't been following the 1.8 betas so I didn't realize this was in there, but I'm not liking it at all. It looks super awkward to me. Is there anyway to disable it and just use normal toolbars? If not yet then it would be awesome to see that added that as an option in the next update.
  2. Thanks for tips... learning about those Convert commands has really helped, along with the keyboard shortcut remapping. I noticed something else, which totally qualifies as "little" as well... In the Text - > Capitalization menu, it would be nice if the options matched their outcome.. so "Lower Case" would read "lower case" and "Upper Case" would read "UPPER CASE". Running great on Mojave by the way! Keep up the good work.
  3. So far I'm really enjoying Publisher... you guys are doing a great job! The only feedback I have for you is little things that I hope are coming in future betas : • "Place" needs a keyboard shortcut. I keep wanting to hit Cmd-D or something and realizing I have to go to the menu is a little slow • No way to specify # of pages in new document window. • No way to place images into custom shapes. I realized I could emulate a circle by changing radius... but any other shape seems impossible. • Export persona.Publisher seems like it could really use an export Persona, which works so well in Photo and Designer. This would allow for packaging files, including fonts, graphics and instructions into a folder structure that can be zipped and emailed off. Again this is a great complement to Photo and Designer! I'm looking forward to the final release.
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