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  1. Oooh I JUST found this post. I love creating my fantasy maps and battlemaps in Designer vs photoshop. I grew up on Corel Draw (no longer Mac supported) so vector drawing made more sense to me than photoshop drawing. Glad someone else likes using vectors.
  2. I have a file that I was creating in 133 build. It hung on saving and then eventually crashed. Ever since the file had been corrupted. I remember the file had told me it was already in use. I assumed the file would be fixed after 140 update but it still does not work. So I started the project all over again. I attached the file if anyone can make heads or tails of what happened. The_Order_Monster_Hunters_.afpub
  3. When using multiple decorations for a style you can not access the second decoration from the pull down menu. It is fine when first creating the second decoration but once you save and get out of the style editor and then go back to edit it later you can not access the other decorations.
  4. Problem seems to be when making linked text boxes in masters. When text overflows from masters it crashes. If text boxes are linked after an overflow it works fine. I have to constantly unlinked text boxes and then anticipate when I have over flow. It makes it hard to fill in copy after creating a multi column layout.
  5. When trying to overflow text from linked text boxes it crashes. It seems to be fine if it is general text overflowing but if it is a header/text style that causes the text to flow over it crashes. Happens on my old Macbook Pro (10.11.6) and 2 yr old iMac (10.13.6). Version 133 of Publisher
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