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  1. @JET_Affinity GREAT post, thank you for the detailed explanation! The most important point here is, like JET said, to have fewer Tools but more "powerful"... Thats why Im a big fan of Affinity, because its SUPER INTUITIVE there are not as many tools as in Illustrator BUT you can easily get all the results that you get with Illustrator too, for Pathfinder functions you just need 1-Click more... When you understand Boolean operations, its all you need...and Im talking about professional graphic design work.. Im looking forward to the upcoming Affinity updates... There is alot of room for improvement for Affinity, the Dev Team works hard on improving their products.... I feel the future for Affinity is BIG!
  2. @Affinity Please give us the option to toggle off the "Feature" when pressing the same Tool shortcut twice it switches back to the previously selected Tool. Its really annoying and disrupts my Workflow. I would be super happy if you could add that option in the next Update and reading the forums im sure a lot of people would appreciate that option too. Ps. Im a big Affinity Fan, I have bought both Softwares and both Workbooks and I am going to buy Publisher too when its released. Im even planning on buying an iPad Pro for the iPad Versions.