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  1. @Gabe Hi and thank you for your answer I can't remember exactly the process but I think I just added the layer (probably in a previous version). But I delete it and create a new one with the same settings and it works ! Thank you Have a good day
  2. Hi as pdf export doesn't work fine with adjustment layers, I tried to use PSD export. The file is OK when I open it with with Preview (Aperçu in French). The file seems also good for my printer - I think he uses adobe. But when I open the psd file with affinity publisher there are missing object and layers (the top of the arrow is missing and the QR code part is blue rather then grey). Here are the files. Any clue ?? Thank you Cyril test.afpub test.psd
  3. Hi, when exporting an image with an adjustment layer, PDF output doesn't use adjustment layer ; jpg or png do see the 3 files afpub, pdf, png -> afpub and png are red, pdf is black like my original image Thank you Cyril Sans titre.afpub Sans titre.pdf
  4. Hi I use designer to create svg. Then I use this svg with sozi (https://sozi.baierouge.fr) in order to create a zooming presentation (prezi-like). Sozi was a plugin of inkscape but is now a standalone. I have to insert html link to improve my presentation. So I discover that it is not possible to insert html link in designer. I use Macsvg to manually insert a link (which is a mess) and I would love to make it directly in designer. Is it possible to have this feature in the next releases ? Thank you for your work Cyril
  5. Hi I think this is the right topic to congratulate the team for its work and to ask for the inD's command-shift place / grid Eugène described. Hope it will be possible. Thanks again Cyril
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