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  1. Yes, thanks PixelPest, it works fine using paths constructed in Affinity Designer, so I'll just avoid using paths that were generated in Adobe's illustrator CC. It was impossible to reverse the text on that file, and change it so that it ran from Left to Right (to be legible) when using a path generated in the illustrator (CC) file. Appreciate you feedback & help, and agree the Artistic Text works fine when using Affinity generated paths : )
  2. Hello stokerg, I am just checking back in to the forum to see if you have been able to find a way to reverse the text on the file that I uploaded for Affinity to look at? I am going to do the obvious and just redraw an approximate path and give up using the existing illustrator produced file/path. But will say I am disappointed to find that I am required to rebuild parts of files that should just work. Anyways I guess this is the price of transitioning to new software I guess. I am still interested in if you can advise on how to fix this problem, as it kind of makes me reluctant to want to use any assets that were produced using Adobe products? I am finding Affinity and Adobe doesn't seem to play well together.
  3. Hi stokerg, I did follow your above instruction (Flip Layer Horizontally) and yes it reads perfectly, however the path is flipped and consequently path is going in the opposite (wrong) direction. I have uploaded the file, so hopefully you can figure what is happening there? Thanks, Lozza
  4. Hello at Affinity Support, I am a relative new comer, learning to transition over from Adobe CC. I have a document that I made in Indesign and now am trying to update. Using the existing object paths from the imported document, when I use the Artistic Text Tool on the path, the Text is typing out back to front (see screenshot 1). If I reverse the Path direction it just flips the text to the other side of the path and is backwards too (see screenshot 2). I am trying to replicate my original indesign format (see screenshot 3). I have trying changing the zero winding on the layers menu to fix this, as well as dragging the green and orange beginning and end markers to opposite ends, but can not seem to be able to fix / get type to run from left to right along the path? Not sure what's going wrong & am hoping there is a simple solution out there? Appreciate if anyone can help me out? Thanks Lozza
  5. Thanks Everyone for the input/ help. Agree with Eugene Tyson that the more features that can be performed by computer the better, rather than doing manually. That said I guess I will be saving much money regarding shifting away from Adobe, so guess some things can be manually laid out without too much fuss. Anyway appreciate everyones input re alternative work arounds and am sure there will be many improvements introduced overtime to match many of InDesigns features. Cheers ~ Loren
  6. Hello to Affinity Publishers, Just tried Affinity Publisher for the first time and am really impressed! However, I was wondering about the following points: (A) if it is possible to place multiple images at once, like InDesign (ID) can - if that feature is not available yet, can you please suggest any work around, rather than having to place images one by one? (B) Alternatively if (A) is not possible, can I arrange multiple picture frames (at once) across the page at the same time? If that feature is not available, can you please suggest how to resize multiple picture frames at once across entire page border - for the rapid creation of storyboards? (C) Are Affinity going working on developing a Gap Tool to adjust the gutter between picture frames like ID? (D) Is it possible to create a continuous series of A3 pages butting their left page edges up against the preceding pages right page edge (rather like a 3 or 4 page continuous spread), to effectively create one long (continuous) document. I recently had to make a continuous time-line document in ID, and am hoping that feature will be enabled too? I played around with arranging the pages, however I am not able to figure out how to do this? Thank You ~ Lozza
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