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  1. German Windows 10, 64 Bit The print (Drucken) mode has still the old language problems already reported before. replace Inklusive with = Einschließlich = Umkehr is cut off and shoul be = Umkehren = replace Einzelseitig with =Einseitig =
  2. German/ Windows 10 64Bit Drucken ... Menü (Print) Inklusive replace with Einschließlich
  3. I have tested Affinity Publisher to the best of my ability. I am not a profi but used besides GST Publisher for years Page Plus. So far I miss the following features: - A fine position adjustments of frames in both the X and Y position by just clicking a simple pointer. - A similar function like on Page Plus where for example a picture can be zoomed in round frame and also in the frame to a certain extend moved up and down, right and left. - A build in picture browser which allows to look at cliparts which the publisher accepts like WMF. This makes a selection during work much easier. I know it works with BMP files.
  4. I so far found no way to insert images from a scanner. May be I don't no how. But if not, it should be absolutly in the finals publisher build in.