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  1. I agree... the world is wrong... but you would not be able to tell so much with internet advertising, banking and online customer buying products. For us its digital delivery - its a faster way to get our product information to our clients - read as repeat business and larger cash flow. Yes, we did deal with it. We work only in digital imaging and digital delivery even with communications, billing and payments. Our city newspaper went digital few years ago and never looked back. Federal, State and local governments are online and dropping paper document processing. If it is paper you need to deliver your content (read snail mail) or point of purchase sales.. go for it... the US Postal System will certainly appreciate your money. Not so much with retail because "paper" is an added sales cost and that means added product cost. Paper advertising products are not an added value, it is just a step in "sales' to get the paying client in the door to buy a retail product. Designing for paper has its place.... its slow and costly. Good luck with Paper Only Affinity Publisher.
  2. MS Word and MS Office products use special FORMATED font and text that often do not convert directly into other software. That is why copy and paste the MS text (read character style set) directly into Mac READER ? or MS Notepad strips the format and displays straight ASCII text. the ASCII text can be directly pasted into Affinity Publisher then re-formated for font style, size, color etc. .docx file type might not strip out all the special font style text.
  3. This product appears to be limited to paper and printing products. The world is moving to world wide internet consumption. Last month we upgraded our connection to Fiber Optic Gigabit (1000mbps) cable. After reviewing all the small tutorials, I can see similarities to: Native web page design products; output packages for email display but not .exe flavor; output packages for embedding into our html5 web page; output packages that can be downloaded to be displayed on mobile devices across universal HTML 5 web browsers using WebGL and CL video drivers; output packages that are designed to be responsive. Meaning to be displayed on a variety of screen sizes 5 to 32 + inch screen sizes; Linked external or embedded graphics should include: Video clips and 360° imaging. Affinity Photo also editing 360° equirectangle 2:1 aspect ratio imaging. Good work so far Dave still at http://360texas.com
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