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  1. I'm having issues like these as well. Trying to export a page that contains an embedded document in the. afdesigner file. Viewing the exported PDF, the background color seems to be off from the color of the main symbol. Everything looks and seems fine in Designer itself - same colors everywhere, same color profiles etc. When reopening the exported PDF in Designer the colors then seem to match. Unsure what the problem is here and uncertain if the print will be off too. Any suggestions? I attached the afdesign file if anyone wants to have a look. Talking about the second artboard here. Also attached, screen grab from Designer and the exported pdf in Preview. Thanks! GJU12019-Logo-Fahnen2.afdesign
  2. See stroke settings (although the issue is not confined to these specific values, couldn't determine what exactly causes it) and renderings at various zoom-levels. Also does not export correctly!
  3. Thanks for pointing me to it, I'll try that! Now I realize that I really don't know how the mitre setting works or what exactly it does. Couldn't find anything by way of a quick Google search either.
  4. Hi all, was looking to export a file where a portion of a layer is erased by a different layer, see here: (The upper right corner of the picture frame layer is correctly erased here.) This doesn't carry over into the exported PDF-file: Did I screw up here or is this a bug? Am going to try to replicate in AD now… Cheers! k
  5. Hi all, could not find this via search or find a solution within the program. As stated in the title, I'm trying to export a page spread (2 x A5) so that the resulting PDF won't be a single page (A4 size), but two single A5 pages. The only workaround I could come up with is to save as PDF from the print menu with the paper size set to A5 and the print size (scale) set to 100% (which in turn marks the preview all red because the document can't really fit an A5 page because of it's trim margins). The exported PDF appears fine to me, but getting to it seems a bit wonky. Is this not possible any other way? Or am I missing the obvious? Still a pretty amazing app though, will definitely buy. Cheers and thank you! Edit: I realized after the fact that my workaround won't be sufficient. It puts out pages in normal A5 size, while I need A5 + 3 mm trim margins all around…