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  1. Hi. Love your software. I am an academic scientist and our lab has completely switched to affinity for manuscript figure preparation. We all love it. Anyway, I think it would be great if there were a way to add the resource manager in the left dock. I use it quite a bit when I tweak data in R and re-export. Thanks!!
  2. Thanks Pauls, that's almost certainly it - The images are output from R studio and sometimes I play with the resolution/size in different iterations of the analyses I'm doing. I'll be careful about that in the future
  3. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, thanks jm. I wonder if I moved those files and that for some reason is causing the crash on my system... but not yours. I'll try embedding in the new version and see if that fixes the issue.
  4. Hello! I had no problems with the public beta, but since purchasing the full release, many of my documents will cause publisher to crash when I open them. I have seen it mentioned that there is a beta that fixes some of these issues? How do I get that? Here is an example file that causes a crash Salk poster JEV 2019.afpub
  5. Hello all! I am a scientist who has traditionally used the Adobe software for my (fairly limited) needs - but have recently been trying out affinity products and liking them. One thing I cannot figure out is how to combine grayscale images into a single RGB image. This is a common task when doing microscopy - good fluorescence microscopy cameras are generally grayscale and capture colors one at a time. Then we often need to overlay these grayscale images, displaying each image as a different color channel. Is this easy to do in Affinity (maybe photo?) - in photoshop it was as simple as copying the grayscale image and pasting into a specific color channel. Thanks in advance!
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