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  1. Thanks. My bad, I wasn't being specific enough, that's what I meant.
  2. Hi all, are there any plans for a package deal for all 3 programs of the suite, once publisher is officially released? I'm very happy with the beta and am considering buying photo and designer. However, if there was the prospect of a package deal I'd wait until publisher is released and buy all 3 then. So, is there any information you can give as of now? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi all, very happy so far, but this bug is a bit weird: In the character settings you can give a marked text different ligatures, such as ordinals, fractures etc. However, the index ligature doesn't apply itself to any text. Times New Roman and Arial is what I've tried, In case it depends on the font families. Am I the only one with this problem, am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for any tips or help.
  4. Off topic, but: Latex or Xelatex is awesome for typesetting equations I am missing the inline options too, though.