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  1. This is one of those small/big details still making me go back to illustrator, so great news then. Anxious to get that update. Do you already have a schedule for it? Thanks.
  2. Just followed your indications and the result was the one on the image when I zoomed in Doesn't look like precision snapping is happening.
  3. Thank you for your quick reply. If I understood correctly from your instructions I should draw a new line, is that it? But what I want is to select the curved one (red) and create a middle point on it based on the intersection with the black line.
  4. Hi everyone. I believe I'm having the same challenge described above. I have 2 different lines (black and red ones on the image) and I want to create a point based on their intersection. Wasted half an hour already without any solution until I found this post from 2015 where @MEB said: Just bought Affinity Designer 2 days ago and am forcing myself to design a full project on the app for the first time so I can get a grip but confess is not being simple until now. And now I found this limitation that could definitely make me go back to Illustrator where this simple task is a b
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