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  1. Much appreciated! I look forward to seeing the features implemented. Intersection snapping would be wonderful. Thanks for the quick reply, really appreciate all the work you guys are doing!
  2. I've noticed there's a couple of features that prevent me from using Affinity Designer instead of illustrator. When I'm making a logo or illustration for that matter a lot of the time it calls for symmetry. Illustrator has a mirror tool that makes it easy to accomplish, though I think it can still be improved upon. I was hoping that you guys would consider making a 'live symmetry' mode. Similar to your 2 window mode split mode (one outline and one regular). I know I'll probably get people telling me you can accomplish this using a longer method but the fact of the matter is when I do it never lines up perfectly. Especially considering you can't flip on an axis. Now the intersect snapping to me is EXTREMELY important. You guys claim to be the most precise out of all the software which I would almost say is true but you're missing a key feature that I absolutely need. When I have two shapes that overlap I'd like to be able to add a node at the intersections between them. By that I mean I want control on which intersections to add the nodes instead of using the: Minus Front, Intersect, etc. tools. Let me know what you guys think! I really think with those features I could finally see myself using this as my tool of choice. I think you guys should look at the Astute Graphics tools (for illustrator) as well and try to mimic some of that behaviour in Affinity Designer. They have tools for making shapes that make everything way more accurate and precise. I hope you'll consider adding these features. Thanks!
  3. Hey Guys! I apologize if this might have been suggested but I've been playing around with Affinity Designer, and to replace illustrator I'd need a couple features (From a logo designer perspective). I believe you guys are familiar with the Astute Graphics tools for Illustrator. That being said I was hoping that you could mimic their 3 point ellipse tool. Basically you just click on one point then click and hold on another, and while holding you can adjust the depth of the curve which creates a circle of whatever size generates that curve (I believe it's their inkscribe plugin). I generally create my logos using circle grids like this one: https://dribbble.com/shots/1770911-Phoenix-Grid-Logo?list=users&offset=0 and that feature would be absolutely amazing if possible. The other feature I think is an absolute necessity is some shape or form of symmetry. Typically in illustrator I use the reflect tool to define the center point and flip the part I need to be symmetrical. But I think you guys might be able to do one better. Basically I was thinking a 'Live Symmetry' tool would be neat. Almost in the same way you can split the design in affinity to have to separate views for the same design (one outline and one design). Not having some way to make symmetry is one of the few things preventing me from switching to Affinity Designer as my goto app (unless I simply just haven't found it yet). I would love to see these features implemented in the future if possible!
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