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  1. Wow, it really helped. Thank you so much! Brushes aren't look like in PS but I don't start from zero. I hope in the future there will be some improvements about brushes management. Thank you guys, ones again :-)
  2. I've choose pixel persona and it don't work as well
  3. Hi, thank you so much that you answering because I really don't what to do. I clicked affinity designer / photo > document > brushes studio > import > folder on ipad with some brushes and nothing is clickable. They are just grey and I just can't choose them. I've try to import some brushes into the adobe sketch and everything was fine. After that I've read on some forum that I should uninstall adobe sketch. I've do it and it don't works. File are grey and don't react on the click. What is the problem? Please for some advice bacause I lost my temper, and I really don't know were is the problem?
  4. Hi, 2 weeks ago I've bought brand new ipad pro and installed affinity designer and photo on the device. I've bought both affinity apps because I found the information that I can import abr files and all files are grey. I see this file on my Ipad but i can't choose this file!!! Is is just unclickable!! I'm realy mad because I've decided to buy an Ipad because I saw affinity software and right now i can't use any of my brushes. Even the simplest ones. Please for some advice! TEST.abr
  5. nzdunek1

    Affinity Animator

    Yeee!! I'm so waiting for ipad software were i can animate ui elements (after effects), 2d characters (spine 2d), and simple ilustrated scenes with special effects and music in the bg (ae)! I hope my dreams become true with affinity products :-)

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