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  1. Thank you... for idea, hope affinity relase update, so user can acces original raw after develop.
  2. no, I want to make several layers with different light, to do that, I want to access the raw original file again by accessing "develop persona" but the image accessed has changed to sRGB instead of the original RAW file. are posible to acces original file raw after developmen´╗┐t to use in diffrent layer? (i'm use google translate)
  3. Hello, I just start few month use affinity photo , edit from raw file from sony a 6000, and have problem with raw picture quality This is original raw file =========================================================================================== this picture is minus 2 exposure before develop =========================================================================================== this picture is minus 2 exposure after click develop , and on layer photo, going to Develop Persona again. why image quality diffrent ? Thank you.... Hanif