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  1. My favorite apps on the iPad Pro are Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo because its powerful... unless I need to work with Photoshop brushes. Then I must to run Artstudio Pro. This app manage .abr and many others Photoshop files almost perfect. The bad thing about Artstudio Pro is that it's not so stable and fast than yours with big files and many layers.

    So I wonder: why Affinity apps aren't as capable as Artstudio Pro to run Photoshop brushes? :57_cry:

    I'm sure if this were posible many people would run to Affinity.

  2. No, no, no, I know Affinity Designer works with vectors and Affinity Photo works with raster graphics and between both there are substancial differences. I know that. What I mean (sorry if I've not been clear enough) is that the renderer engine in Affinity Designer Pixel Persona (raster mode) works better than Affinity Photo in so far as when painting the brush strokes show sharp every time. Affinity Photo only shows brush strokes sharp when you stop painting. While you are painting a stroke it appears pixelated, maybe because the Affinity Photo's engine needs to do that to keep the system flowing (but in that case, why Affinity Designer doesn't need to do it?).

    Try it with a thin line (6 px, for example) and notice it. I'm always talking about the iPad's apps, ok?

    Thanks so much for your answers! :13_upside_down:

  3. Sure! As you see, when I'm painting the line of the brush it's pixelated (also clipped, but this doesn't happen often) (IMG_0040.PNG). When I stop drawing (IMG_0041.PNG), the line it's perfect, like in Affinity Designer all the time (while painting and when stop painting).

    Why this occurs? Am I the only one with this bug? Is it due to the brush engine? Is it different than the Affinity Designer one?

    Thanks in advance!



  4. It's something that I can't understand. I'm mostly a raster painter but I prefer Affinity Designer than Affinity Photo to paint with raster brushes because in the act of painting, Affinity Photo shows some kind of blur meanwhile you're painting. Affinity Designer, however, don't. I'm talking about the same including brushes. Why happens this?? I hoped a fix for this in the new Affinity Photo version, but it isn't. :57_cry:

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