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  1. Hi, I work in French. French keyboard. In any other software, the keyboard keys are recognized properly. However in Publisher the apostrophe is not recognized properly. It is a a greater sign character > instead, and preceded by a caret for a space. Very annoying. So, please fix. The auto-correct feature is faulty also because of this.The automatic correction for typographic quotes does not work for the French language. Instead of " l'amour " you get " l^>amour ". Thanks a lot.
  2. Export from Publisher a selection (namely a chart containing text and up and down lines) as WMF/EMF does not give the same result as per Affinity Designer doing the same export. Affinity Designer export is successful whereas Affinity Publisher's result does not render the graphic lines properly. Just meager lines instead of wanted thicker lines as per originals. Would be nice to fix that. Exporting as SVG seems to work OK. But since I need EMF actually, it is a problem for me. Thanks a lot. Congratulations overall, the program is very promising. Testing Touchstone.afpub
  3. Thanks Affinity for all the efforts put into Publisher. It will be a great piece of software to work with, especially in tandem with Designer and Photo. I would like to report a limitation with the function of Ctrl + F for Find and Replace. Replace All tab in particular. On a one page document Replace all works. Find next and replace one by one OK on a one page test. Where Replace All does not work is as follows. Here is what I did. I imported a pdf made of 1031 text in Publisher. A whole book I worked on in the past. Could import OK. Then I tried a Find and Replace, hoping to test successfully a global Replace All throughout the document. One word for another. The result was weird. 1) On the last page where the cursor was, that page had all words on it replaced by the intended replacement word. The word was only a four digit number. The rest of the document, on all previous pages, that is 1030 pages, no replacement whatsoever. Thanks for your attention to this problem.