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  1. I have just started looking at Affinity Pub. First impressions quite good layout understandable to ppp uses. Then i find out: 1. I can't import Page Pkus files. 2. I can't import or write.doc or .docx. I edit the local village magazine as one project and I use PP, output to pdf for the printer. Contributions are almost always in Word. We have sub-editors using Mac and Word and other formats so transferring data is always a problem. We have used pdf as a way round some of these, but this is not always reliable and seems to produce varied results. I understand that Affinity is aimed at professionals, but what about the many ordinary users of Page Plus that will find no advantage in the new software unless it does what they need. There will have to be better connectivity with other software before I could consider changing from PP. Disappointed, I hoped Affinity might solve some of my existing problems.