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  1. Oh shit. Sorry man totaly missunderstood...that is like importing the feature...that is wonderfull. Thanks a lot for clarifying!
  2. Thanks for that tip. But I do not own AD. So I cant create anything in AD and copy it to AP. Unfortunately. I am waiting for the next sale. But I do mostly textures and not DTP. So to buy Designer just for the heck of bending text seems a bit odd to me. I am sure they will import that feature in the future hope dies last...
  3. I was just looking for it and I can't find it myself in the inbuild help file of AP. I am almost 100% sure I had seen it in there. That is the reason why I was asking if I am doing something wrong. I do not own AD so I couldn't have accedently looked up in the wrong help file, right? Never the less, if the feature is not available in AP than it isnt. end of discussion. But maybe we can open a feature request. I can imagine, that others would like to see that feature in AP as well?! Is there a place to "collect" votes for a feature? Just my 2c cheers and many thanks to all who took the time to answer and help me!
  4. nice workaround. Thanks for sharing. It would be easy for the developers to implement the source code from the Affinity Designer application. I guess it is just the fact to strictly devide both programms and its features. PS has also the abilities of Adobe's InDesign and they still sell the InDesign Application allthough PS has the feature as well. I bet Affinity Design has much more to offer for designers, than Affinity Photo even if it would have the same Textwrap tools. But thats up to the Serif guys to decide weather they implant it or not. just my 2 cents
  5. I believe the next sale is coming. Thanks for your reply. I am thinking about it. Allthough I dont do a lot design stuff, what keeps me away from the designer application.
  6. oh no. thats a pitty. will it come? I hope Serif doesnt think that this only AD feature will keep ppl buying AD instead of AP. But I understand that AP is a photo retouche tool and no DTP. Many thanks for the quick answer. cheers
  7. Hi all, my first post here. I am using photoshop since CS2 and I am pretty good in it. Never the less it became to expensive for me to use it just once in a while so I decided to buy Affinity Photo. Great programm so far. I have just one question: Since AP doesnt behave like it is said in the helpfile I was wondering, if I am doing something wrong. I just want to place a text on a path or curve. I create the path/curve and select the text tool. It is said, that the curser would change, when I come next to the curve with the tool selected. But that little devil mouse icon wont change. Hence I cant wrap my text along the curve. Am I missing something here? A simple checkbox somewhere to click? Any hint will be much appreciated. I found a lot of hints for Affinity Designer, but that differs to Photo. Hopefully someone can give me a tip. Many thanks in advance. cheers Marcus
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