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  1. Dear Sirs suddenly today I cannot undo or redo in AD - I can see at the same time that the history panel does not get updated - what to do ? I run on a Mac with Catalina rgds Leo
  2. Ooops - forget the question about a line - I found out how to do this.
  3. Thanks - the tutorial about ketchup bloods shows that when you push the compound button you get a compound object, where you still can edit the single objects, so this must be in earlier versions ? regarding lines - is there any way I can draw a single line as a shape ? rgds Leo
  4. Dear Sirs, It seems that each time I push the compound tool it converts my objects to Curves - is this a feature or a bug ? How do I make a straight line which is not a curve ? It seems that several shortcuts does not work - for example cmd0, which should zoom to fit ? Do i have the latest version ? I have 1.6.1 running on macbook pro High Sierra 10.13.6 - I run in a Danish environment rgds Leo
  5. Hi there I am Leo from Denmark and have become more pleased with affinity design now that it is also on iPad . rgds Leo
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