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  1. Is there a way to resize an already cropped image in a Picture frame? In Indesign it is just holding ⌘-shift. In Publisher you'd expect just holding ⌘ would do it.
  2. Okay it works! when you first Group. So all the steps: Crop a picture Double click and drag the image within the frame Now resize the whole frame: not possible, so: Group the image, then resize, holding Shift
  3. tnx all! Solved!
  4. It would be very handy to Paste Inside (for instance an image). In any frame but in particular in multi-shapes such as triangles. In the Edit menu an option: Paste Inside (⌘-Alt-V)
  5. @Walt: I want to: 3. Change the size of the frame INCLUDING the contents, so the content must scale as well, together with the frame In INdesign: hold ⌘-shift (CTRL-shift on Win) Preferably by just holding ⌘ as a modifier (or ctrl on Win)
  6. I've just learned that Layer > Convert to Picture Frame will do as well
  7. The Place Image Tool is very handy but it lacks one essential thing: to be able to CROP the image by holding a modifier key, say ⌘-Shift I know this is possible with the Picture Image Tool but that is too much workaround
  8. Studio > Pages is too wide and you cannot make it less wide.
  9. It has to do with the resizing of the frame: the frame remembers the Font Size Change, and you cannot undo this, not even with Styles, or with Reapply. Normally I would do: ⌘A and then just apply a style, or Alt-click the Plussed style.
  10. If a text or paragraph style gets a PLUS, please enable ALT-click or other method on this PLUS to overrule changes to text and return to the pure style
  11. i can't seem to find the Reset Button. Text > Reapply Text Styles did not work correctly. What I did is: I made 2 linked text frames. Resized the first frame, with the contents. Text is bigger. But I can't make the text the same size again as in the second frame, not even with a style. Normally I would ALT-click the "PLUS" n the style.
  12. aartjan.nl

    Zoom to Selection

    OOPS SORRY! thnks
  13. Top Right Bottom Left: please add a group chain icon whereever these 4 values are shown
  14. The color of a Selection line is Blue. The color of Selected Content is also Blue. Brown would be better.
  15. In a triangle frame (or any other shape) it would be nice to use Place Image from the menu. I know that masking is possible from the Layer-menu