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  1. I have fixed the issue its a graphic cards issue resetting my card has cleared the issue thank you for your assistance
  2. sucks the beta does the same thing to I am lost on this now no idea?
  3. yes rebooted, repaired, at present no other system available to me until late tonight just installing the beta to try that
  4. Hello, thank you for your reply I will answer your questions as best i can Error | Crash Report there is none at all. It just powers down and thats the end of that. I have also discovered that the same problem is on all my affinity suite (publisher, photo and designer). The problem isnt any one document its all documents including any attempt to create a new document from fresh. This feels like a bigger problem than a corrupt file or photograph. I am presently using the present release version. My beta is no longer working but will look at the link you provided and see if this can be a temporary solution thank you
  5. Oh my god, I am in a crisis I have built a 16-page document that is due tomorrow at the printers and affinity publisher has decided it doesn't want to open any of my documents no matter which way I try. I seriously will not get paid if this cannot be resolved by 12 o clock tonight. The program opens fine I open a doc it opens then immediately crashes, this process is the same whether I open from the recent link, open as new or open directly from the file itself? Any help would be humongous right now, thankyou Kane
  6. hello I am really enjoying this amazing product but unfortunately, the last two updates up to today's date have declined in quality by quite some bit. Now I have major problems the product is super sensitive and crashes a lot. I mean a lot every time i cut and paste from one document to another crash, every time I try to link resources crash, every time I open more than 2 documents crash how do I go back to a previous version (2 versions back the product was super stable now it is very volatile)
  7. I do so like this publisher so far. I would like to make a feature suggestion, I apologise if it is already available and I have overlooked the option. I want to be able to view the document in a gallery style mode as per similar to I design. Both with and without bleed margins that would be good.
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