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  1. Beta uninstalled and signing out of the forum having offered my ideas to serif via the Moderators. Best wishes to all old PP users and new AP users in the future what ever it brings. to paraphrase "They will pry my PagePlus out of my cold dead hands"
  2. I am sure there will be many, especially Mac users, who will be delighted in the product once it has gone through Beta but criticism is not negative if the developers take note of the comments. To take the attitude 'stuff you PP users' rather than take on board criticism is not good CR. AP works on Mac but PP doen't so sacrifice PP and all it's user base to the great god Mac! One of the main reasons I am a PP user is that i have Windows PC's and i do not need to pay for Adobe bloatware. Yes PPX9 was the culmination of many years of development but bear in mind that people are more demanding now then they were 15 - 20 years ago and expect a professional product from day 1.
  3. InDy and QX are dinosaurs of the publishing industry and are so up themselves I do not expect them to be able to deal with PP files but I do not expect a company that I and many others have given income to over the years to say scrap all you have done as we have a new bone you Pavlovian dogs will slaver over. We might be a small minority who have had the business acumen to not give a bloatware seller more money than the average PC but I would have thought it would be enough to keep a separate windows version of Affinity Publisher (rebranded from PagePlus of course) up to date. In the end it is Serif's call meanwhile i shall be keeping my money in my pocket as long as possible and i think i will not be the only one.
  4. So how much time and investment would it take to give PPX9 the baseline grid and widow / orphan tab and do an update to PPXX. Take advanced orders at say £100 a pop and pre-fund it Kickstarter style. If not enough take up from us PP users then we don't deserve an update! Sell a slightly poorer version (no pdf forms omg) to Mac users and spend a little time and money on the people who have kept you business afloat for the past 20 years! If you do not have any loyalty to us then at least make it open source.
  5. Maybe it is just because users in Britain are less impressed by over priced slow complicated products like the majority of Adobe offerings that there is a big user base here. When PagePlus entered the market it was like a breath of fresh air. I am sure given about 10 years of development Publisher will be as good a product as PagePlus X9!
  6. your limited time is very likely to be well spent searching for alternative jobs if you loose your loyal base of PagePlus users! Every user not converting is a lost sales revenue.
  7. I often receive pdf for modification from my clients with fonts already embedded which I can import into PP if i have all the fonts. So Publisher really needs to be able to do the same as PagePlus or it is no good to me.
  8. What incentive would I have to even contemplate investing in Publisher just for new projects when my files archived from PP3 up to PPX9 have to be converted to pdf and re-imported. Oh and maybe it's only a beta thing but embedded fonts in a pdf are not recognized so i can not even re-import the work as a pdf..
  9. If the program does not interpret embedded fonts it is about as useless as a square wheel. Uninstalled!
  10. Big stopper to using Publisher. I just tried to import a pdf which contains 6 different fonts. They were all reported as missing (Times New Roman!!) and the program wanted to replace with a substitute. PagePlus X9 which I currently use recognized all 6 fonts
  11. Hi I just received the Publisher Beta having used PagePlus from 3 to X9. Nice to see the wheel reinvented. It is to early for me to give it a good stress test but my first observation is I am a little frustrated that the Export to pdf function seems to reset to defaults after each use. I might create a pdf of a document several times before i am happy i have the exact layout i want. To need to reset the parameters each time is 'so yesterday'. Can this be improved and will some one give me a good reason for spending my money changing from a long history of PP to Publisher especially when all my archives have to be converted to pdf to be used again.
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