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    Have to agree with some of the above who would expect complete book publishing export--including eBook--from Publisher as you can find with publishing software like Vellum (which approaches both print and eBook production). After all, this software is called Affinity Publisher. I find this software to be typical of Serif: well-designed, pretty, comprehensive...and intimidating to someone who can, but won't, take the time to learn the ropes, let alone the fine threads, of this impressive software unless it has the payoff I require as a busy independent publisher with three books in the wings (one of them illustrated). Serif missed the boat with previous publishing software, but hits the mark when it comes to titles like Drawplus and the Affinity group. If the only export were to .pdf files (with much higher resolution than the Aff. Pub. offers at present) and set up for Print and Ebook, I would put my money--and my time--on the table right now. But that also would have to include functional templates included for print and Ebook production--and not as an additional purchase. Because this is early in the app history, let's hope this will be considered. Otherwise, I am not sure who the target consumer group is for this product. Mainstream or production teams? Depends upon how much money Serif wants to make and whether it will move the cross-hairs from elite in-crowd to ordinary folks. That said, I tested the Beta software and found everything installed easily and ran smoothly. The sample brochure exported to .pdf quickly and completely. I didn't find that the table of contents were linked, however, surprisingly, to interior content. I opened the .pdf in Adobe Acrobat and enjoyed the full screen presentation. At full screen, the elegant type font was tiny. Increasing resolution will fuzz up the pictures because the .dpi settings in Aff. Pub. are too restrictive, the max being 400 dpi. I did not print the results. Hope my input helps. In summary: the sample brochure converted nicely to .pdf but should have allowed for higher resolution so that pages can be magnified by the viewer. this Publisher program should publish more than fancy brochures and take on the print (fiction and textbooks) and eBook pub market. Aff Pub should decide who its market is and let us know, too.