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  1. I just bought Publisher (after today's excellent keynote) and I see my Windows version of Designer but not my Mac version. I apparently used a different email address. Is there any way I could associate my Mac Designer with the account containing Mac Publisher and Windows Designer?
  2. i'm on windows 10, dell inspiron 13, 8 gb memory, 256 gb ssd, build 17134.228. I downloaded the exe successfully, responding to your email link, but it will not install, saying I should find another version. My resolution's 1920 x 1080. I'm current on WIndows updates as of July. I read your forum bug notes and changed the exe to msi. No luck. I heard there might be a font issue but I get no error messages mentioning fonts. Any ideas? BTW, I already have the latest Designer on this PC. Just bought it a month ago maybe. I've used it on the Mac for years. Thank you. Fritz DeKatt