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  1. Trying to highlight part of an A4 page which has other parts of the document. When exporting the highlighted part with png selected and 'selection without background', in previous version it exported just the highlighted area. Now it exports the highlighted area plus a large area at the left side. I have uploaded the original file 55 Peppermint Crunch NEW.afpub and the exported file as detailed above. Is this a bug? 55_Peppermint_Crunch_NEW.afpub
  2. I have opened a previously saved document that has the same picture repeated four times some of the pictures are fuzzy, degraded and not sharp. Yet some other png's are ok these also are repeated 4 times. I have recently updated to the latest version. Any suggestions?
  3. Have had issues since new update where opening a existing document freezes the programme (Publisher). Any suggestions?
  4. Created a document with images, saved document, opened document the images were imported but out of focus text was ok. Closed programme and re opened programme and imported the same document without issue. Also opened a previously printed document with images. All images loaded on screen but when printed 3 out of the 4 images in the document did not print. Again had to close programme to solve issue. Both these issues have happened more than once. Also when printing have had issues with colour changes from one print to the other. Have changed toner cartridges without this issue being solved. Unsure if printer, programme or the toners. Have printed different documents from another programme (pageplus) without any colour variations.
  5. I have the paid for Affinity Publisher/Photo/Designer. I have printed several pages with half designs on without issue. Then copied and pasted the design to the bottom half of an A4 page (so now two of the same design on the page within the print area) and printed. I had a whole page of dark grey / black with some of the PNG's printed but not in position. Reset a new page and selected all the old pages items copied and pasted into the new A4 page and printed with perfect results - saved this version. Closed the programme. On opening up programme opened up the saved work and printed 5 copies - all printed whole grey / black pages again. Tried everything I can think of without resolving the issue. Printer works fine with the old Serif Pageplus. Please help! only milk horse.afpub IMG_0001.pdf
  6. It seems that many of us who have used PagePlus really would like an import for .ppp files. I tried transferring my .ppp files to PDF. then import that into AP Yes it works but it takes time and now I have three files for the one .ppp I had before. My computer will soon be full of files. I don't get the replies from Serif/Affinity staff 'to keep using PagePlus'. I find my X9 version seems to crash more, lately and I have always updated the version when this happens. It won't last forever - nothing does. What happens when Microsoft updates from Windows 10 and PagePlus doesn't work anymore? Better, Serif/Affinity staff, to look after your previous loyal customers now, rather than loose us altogether. I like Affinty P, even though at the moment I can't print anything but blank pages. So please if you don't build a .ppp import into the programme, lets have a bolt on that can import these files even if it costs a little extra for us loyal customers. I know it might not import everything we want as explained in some of the posts, but it will speed up the import process and keep our computers free of hundreds of unnecessary old .ppp files and PDF's.
  7. I am an avid fan of Page Plus, I have supported the brand for many years. My whole business currently revolves around PPX9. I have hundreds of files which I totally rely on to make my business work. So how disappointed am I that I am unable to import .PPP files into the the Affinity Publisher. To start again designing every chocolate bar wrapper will be a lengthy task, as we create over 140 -200 different chocolate bar wrappers. PLEASE can we have an .PPP file import?
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