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    Still NO...

    Sorry for the delay in replying Thank you for your comments Replicate is great - make one object then repeat it across and down the page PagePlus x7 has a size feature - highlight two or more objects (text or pictures) and you can make them the same size Form fields - sorry got that slightly wrong - it is in Adobe Acrobat where you can have many fields with the same name/number (so you can repeat the text without typing it) but in PagePlus you can have only one form field number/name per document.
  2. Still no replicate still no size adjustment still no form fields all these are in PagePlus 7 and absolutely necessary for easy manipulation of text and objects.
  3. Please will you add these three things to Publisher Replicate and size objects I use every day - so would not change from PP X7 unless they were included. And make the size objects for horizontal and vertical "always on" unless unticked. Form fields would be great - but please allow more than one form field to have the same number in a document - so that the same text can be added on multiple pages/places and in different fonts/sizes/colours. Fingers crossed Thanks Chris
  4. chris@555

    Affinity Publisher - please add...

    Hi Thank you for replying. I should have said this "size" function (in Serif's PagePlus) allows you to select different objects and make them the same size, either horizontally or vertically or both. The new size will be the same as the last object selected. This is the wording from PagePlus: To set two or more objects to the same horizontal or vertical size as the last selected object, you can use Arrange>Size Objects. Hope this makes it clearer. Regards Chris
  5. Please may we have a "size" function. Could it be "always" selected - horizontal and verticals - (in preferences?). I use it a lot when making games, getting pictures, clip art and photos the same size using PagePlus. I'd be lost without it. Thanks
  6. Please can we have a Replicate function (as in PagePlus). Most useful. Thanks