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  1. coolieranx

    Link preferred not honored

    Ahhh. Thank you for explaining that! I agree that it’s a design flaw. A linked file should just remain linked, and at most, only a small low res preview should be embedded into the native file. What’s the point of linking if it doesn’t reduce file size? It’s basically just doubling up the size of a project for no good reason.
  2. Hi! Using 227 on Mojave, and I created a new letter size document, choosing “link preferred.” Started putting images into it (all afphoto), and when I saved, the file was 1.6 gigs! Went to document setup, and somehow it reverted to embed preferred. Switched back to linked, re-added the images, but the document still won’t honor linked, leaving my file at 1.6 gig. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a known bug? Thanks so much!
  3. I can confirm that this happens to me as well. At first I thought it was macOS’s weird autocapitalization, but this happened even with that off in the system.
  4. coolieranx

    Stroke confusion

    Ahh, I see where the bug is now. When you import a jpeg, you can easily stroke the box. I was importing afphoto files, and stroking isn’t possible, on both computers I checked it on.
  5. coolieranx

    Stroke confusion

    I’m on a Mac. macOS 10.14.2 (using latest Publisher Beta,
  6. coolieranx

    Stroke confusion

    On my computer, that doesn't work. Applying a stroke doesn't do anything to an image placed that way. Maybe it's a bug?
  7. coolieranx

    Stroke confusion

    Ahhh, I see what's happening. If I originally place an image in a document with the CMND + M (or File > Place...), there is no option to stroke that item once it goes into the document. If I make a box first, I'm able to have full stroking options. Why are these so fundamentally different? If I'm placing straight away with CMND + M, and it's putting in an image with a box, I feel like I should have stroking ability. Is there a reason that these behaviors function differently? I guess what I'm asking is, what's the purpose of the CMND+M version of putting in an image versus putting it in a box first? Does this have to do with an image placing methodology that Affinity wants for this program? Is CMND + M placing a pixel layer directly, and if so, why is that desirable/undesirable to other methods? Maybe I'm too new to Affinity, but I don't quite understand why I might want a pixel layer in a layout program. Sorry if this is confusing, but I'm super curious what your response will be! Thanks!
  8. Did a search before posting this, but didn't come up with anything. Is there a reason that when selecting an image, applying a stroke from the stroke panel doesn't seem to do anything? I'm trying to put a dark outline against a picture box, but nothing happens. Is this a bug, or a missing feature? Thanks! Love how awesome this beta has been so far!
  9. Actually, hold on. I tested what @JFisher mentioned about afphoto/afdesign files added to the master page. It made saving impossible, even on my purely local copy. Maybe disregard my theory on cloud files!
  10. I can confirm this bug as well, with a little bit more information. In my case, it appears as if this bug happens to items that sync to the cloud (in my instance, iCloud). I tried saving to a place on my HDD that doesn't sync to anything, and it worked just fine. No previous version of the Affinity Publisher beta had any saving issues whatsoever, so I'm wondering if this is a bug that got introduce in this version?
  11. InDesign refuses to honor text wrap when you've anchored an image, plus it's near impossible to anchor things on the start of a verso without coming up with a cheat.
  12. I second this, but I would love a complete rethinking of how this functionality works. It's barely useable in InDesign, and I'd really enjoy a new take on this feature.
  13. coolieranx

    Exporting issues

    Perfect! Thank you so much!!
  14. coolieranx

    Exporting issues

    Actually, figured it out! Publisher was struggling with the font I was using, which was an older PostScript Type 1 (I believe Type 1, since it came with an scr file in addition to the type file). Removing this font allows me to export now, no issue. This leads me to one thing I can't seem to find. Is there a way to outline fonts within Publisher? I haven't been able to figure that out yet, besides going back into Affinity Designer or anther vector program. Thanks!
  15. coolieranx

    Exporting issues

    As of this latest beta, exporting to PDF isn't possible. I still get an endless "calculating," but no ability to export without error. Anyone else dealing with this? My files are a mix of afphoto, psd, eps, etc. Are there known issues with non-Affinity files imbedded into a document?

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