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  1. Oh man! You all are wonderful. I forgot I'd posted this and as I didn't have responses turned on, it fell away... I'll sift through once I have some time and when I get back to that (extracurricular) project! All the best; thanks again.
  2. I'm looking to curve a vector (as the opening stroke of a slanted, capital 'A') into a spiral or coil. I'm working with nodes and their curving arms but am unable to make anything satisfactory. Any suggestions?
  3. Is there a mirroring feature in Designer for iPad?
  4. My iPad app version is iOS is 11.4.1
  5. It looks like something's wrong with the Styles Pane options in iPad. Is this a known issue? Or is there something of which I'm unaware regarding my iPad? The righthand image is from my Mac.
  6. I start with a portrait-oriented Untitled. After selecting the fill tool, the type won't change from "None". It snaps back and won't stay selected after I choose from the popup Type menu. Please advise, thank you.
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