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  1. I've started to work with vectors since I bought Affinity. I works with Photoshop since 2004 and all that time I've worked always with pixels. For that, sometimes me and a lot of people try to use pixel selection instead of curves and mask tricks. That are better and faster. So for that, thanks to Affinity team for that great (and cheap) tool!
  2. I agree but it's a Photoshop tool so maybe some people can ask for that way to do the things, even if it's the worst way.
  3. I don't recommend this approach because if the first curve have a complex structure, it breaks that structure. E.G. de circle have a glow fx, if you break the circle, the glow will be divided too. That approach worked perfect! Thank you to all.
  4. Finally redesigning the pixel to the new resolution it fixes the sharp problem. It's a weird behaviour, maybe a bug?
  5. Now delete the glow with that selection. What is your result? I've extended the document to 20000px and for me still its toothed!
  6. I tried to cut that image and the shape was smooth. I've uploaded the file. I only want to cut the glow with the size of the blue circle. But I've tried all the options all the results are toothed. How to cut this.afdesign
  7. I've followed your tutorial and I've obtained this selection: Should I work with a larger workspace? As you can see, the selection is too much sharper. Edit: I've extended the document size, the selection looks less sharper but this is the result:
  8. The result of both tools is very sharper. I want a smooth circle like with the pen. That is the reasen why I want to first use the pen tool for this action.
  9. Yes, I can use the marquee/lasso tools but it's a pain do a selection of a circle with that tools, and the result it's very bad.
  10. I only want to cut a pixel image with the pen form. With curves I can perform boolean operations, but with curve-pixel I can't. So I don't know how to perform this simple action in Designer.
  11. This is a question that I've googled a lot, but the lastest builds of Designer (late 2018) are different and there isn't any "Selection" or "Mask" button into the Pen tool contextual menu.
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