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  1. William Montgomery

    Introduce Yourself

    Well that's a great question.Guess I don't know how. Always thought that I have to export it to get it out. How should I save the file as you suggest?
  2. William Montgomery

    Introduce Yourself

    Bingo, I started a small new file, 10X8" @72 dpi and it exported very quickly. I am going to try to resize other work to this size ans see if it will process in the same fashion. Go figure, get serious and the world can move. Kidding but sometimes true. Yippee
  3. William Montgomery

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi, Will Montgomery here in Miami Florida. I am enjoying Affinity Designer although having a terrible time exporting vector files. Can you please give me suggestions so as to speed this up. I am using an iPad Pro 2018 new machine, iOS is v. 12.14. I have no idea how this machine should be set up to optimise this task. It is taking forever to export pdf files. I need to be able to edit the files in AD on my desktop then save out in a reasonable time frame. I reduced the file to 10X6".(PDF for export, 300 dpi, Quality-85%, as default). I have read other people are or have had this problem. I look forward to your suggestions. What size to make a file, set up, anything you can suggest is much appreciated. Struggling. I would be happy to supply the file although I can't get it out. artsales321@abstractfineart.com, www.abstractfineart.com
  4. William Montgomery

    Unable to share from Affinity Designer for iPad

    The dpi is different depending upon the file format. A psd girl of pastel 1 is 56.9mb. The thing that is frustrating is how long it takes to export a fairly small vector file. Both of these files I am sending are titled the same by mistake. The afdesign is a full vector file. I have been successful in exporting but golly it is so slow. See what you think and thank you for your help. Please don't publish this artwork. It is what I do and am not interested in giving it away, if you can understand. pastel 1.afdesign
  5. William Montgomery

    Unable to share from Affinity Designer for iPad

    Thanks Gabe, I am watching tutorials this morning and hope to figure this out on my own. The dpi is set to 300 I believe. I have your note but frankly will have to work at seeing how to forward the file. I will try to do that. Curently the file is in hte AF domain, not on my desktop ready to be opened, corrected etc. Will
  6. Hi everyone, totally new to this app and finding little by little some remarkable adjustments to brushes and the like never seen in Photoshop or Illustratior. None the less, my issue today is exporting the files from my iPad Pro to my computer for clean up. These files are huge. 15'X10' adn 60"X40". When I hit export, share is not available, the gear spins forever and nothing seems to happen while trying to download PDF files ans PSD files. I have also tried using itunes on my mac withteh pad pluggeed in. Jpegs ok but not the others. Any ideas. I could make the files smaller but have concerns about enlargements. As a Fine Artist I need to be able toprint these at magazine quality. Thanks, Will´╗┐

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