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  1. craigjonboy

    Dialog boxes not showing on same screen

    Yes just various workspaces on the same system.
  2. craigjonboy

    Dialog boxes not showing on same screen

    Hi MEB, I thought the problem was solved, but seems to be random. It seems to happen mainly on the Save dialog box. The only way I can get the dialog boxes back on to Affinity is to go onto Mission Control. Cheers Craig
  3. craigjonboy

    Dialog boxes not showing on same screen

    Hi MEB, sorry scrap last message. Restarted mac the problem seems to be solved. Much appreciated, Thanks Craig
  4. craigjonboy

    Dialog boxes not showing on same screen

    Hi, Thanks for the swift reply. I've deleted third party utilities, but problem persists.
  5. Hi, I had this problem before Christmas and tried to post a screen recording to you but without success. I have just got back from a short break, so I'll attempt to resolve the problem again. What has been happening is the dialog boxes are showing on different screens on my Mac. On this recording the close box is not showing but on occasions the adjustment boxes are doing the same thing. Cheers Craig Screen_Recording_2020-01-03_at_15_38_41.mov
  6. craigjonboy

    adjustment dialog box

    Hi Gabe, the dialog boxes seem to be opening up on different desktops, it doesn't happen all the time. It's the same with the save box as well. Screen_Recording_2019-12-13_at_17_43_47.mov
  7. Hi, I've just bought a new iMac, and have transfered data from my old mac. I am now having problems with the adjustment dialog boxes not showing. They work for a short while but then stop showing and can't make any readjustments. Cheers Craig
  8. Doh!! aint I a plonka Cheers, that's done the trick
  9. Hi, I'm new to Affinity Publisher, I'm trying to follow a tutorial applying column guides to a master page, but nothing showing when adding columns. Just thought it might be something in my settings. I'm using an iMac.
  10. The tutorials are great. Are there any photo's to practice on, such as multi exposures, stacks etc. cheers Craig

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